Creston College

Junior Primary

The Junior Primary curriculum aims to provide a sound educational foundation, using an integrated approach, where educators facilitate active learning, supporting and guiding the child towards intellectual autonomy in a socially interactive environment.

Sporting Activities

Different themes are used to foster knowledge, skills and values. Excursions are undertaken to enhance a “hands on” learning experience. Up-to-date computer training also forms an integral part of this phase. In addition, pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-mural activities.







Cultural activities include

Children are actively involved in community projects to gain an understanding, empathy and awareness of the underprivileged, elderly, animal welfare and environmental issues. Our child-centred thematic approach seeks to develop children who can communicate effectively, can solve problems, who are confident, who can work with others and who will have life skills to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the Senior Primary Phase.

Body Boarding

Mountain Biking

Chess Club

Science & Technology Club

Garden Club

Craft Club

Eco Club

Marimba Club

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