Mission Statement

In our quest for excellence, in a diverse society, we pursue a broad curriculum.

We emphasise a Christian ethos and the values of integrity, self-discipline, independent thinking and respect.

Creston College is a full spectrum school

We provide education for boys and girls from Pre-Primary to College Phase

Junior Primary
Senior Primary
College Phase


Reasons to choose Creston College for your child's future

Qualified Staff

Creston College is very proud of its staff’s qualifications.

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Excellent Academics

100% Matric Pass Rate.  Our Matric class of 2015 received, not only a 100% pass, but a 91% Bachelor Degree pass.

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Choice of Subjects

Our generous choice of subject packages leading to options.

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Cultural Department

Marimba Bands, Choirs throughout all phases.

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Manageable Class Sizes

In Grades 8 and 9, our class sizes do not exceed 22 pupils per class.

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IT Environment

State-of-the-art IT Centre and full interactive technology in every classroom.

Sporting Options

Creston College offers a vast variety of sporting options.

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Campus Facilities

Always growing with a new 12 state-of-the-art classroom block built.


” Testimonials “

  • My name is Fezeka Nzama, our Creston College Head Girl for the year 2017. I have been at Creston since Grade 8. I have always had a strong academic record, but it certainly has improved since I started at Creston, due to the support we receive from our teachers. I do an array of activities at our school, with a particular interest in hockey, drama and debating. One of the things I love about Creston is that I have the opportunity to do so many different things, and I have been allowed to really explore all my talents and grow as a person. I think above all else what has made my past five years at Creston so memorable, and truly a blessing, is the fact that I have been part of the Creston family.

    Fezeka Nzama
    Fezeka Nzama Creston College Head Girl 2017
  • My name is Samantha Labuschagne. I am the Deputy Head Girl for 2017 as well as our school Swimming Captain. I have been at Creston for 6 years.  I enjoy playing sport, and the main sport I participate in is swimming. I am proud to swim for South Africa and have represented our country at International Galas. I have trained hard and have been short listed for the next Commonwealth Games. The main thing I love about my school is that we are all one big family. There is always a person willing to listen and give a helping hand.

    Samantha Labuschagne
    Samantha Labuschagne Deputy Head Girl for 2017
  • My name is Cameron Jones and I have attended Creston College for 11 years. I involve myself in all aspects of the school and try my hardest in academics, sport and in cultural activities. I am the current Head of House of Falcon and I am a prefect. I love interacting and socializing with friends at school and I enjoy learning new and different things each day. I love playing sport and competing for my school.

    Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones Head of House of Falcon 2017
  • I am Davyd Brüssow and I have been at Creston College a total of 6 years. I am the Head Boy for 2017 as well as the Swimming Captain. I do well in academics, am a strong swimmer and have been successful in cultural productions over the years. I love Creston College for the family ethos it provides. In life I like to see the change in every new day.

    Davyd Brüssow
    Davyd Brüssow Creston Head Boy 2017
  • My name is Lara Bouverie. I am currently Head of Falcon House and a school Prefect. Creston College has been a part of my life since Grade 2. I have enjoyed participating in all facets of Creston life. Sport is my passion. I am a strong athlete and hockey player and have represented my school in many events. I am competitive and like to motivate others. My strengths are perseverance and determination. Creston has taught me to be a team member, a leader and a mentor.

    Lara Bouverie
    Lara Bouverie Head of Falcon House 2017
  • My name is Rachel Jarvis and I am Head of Eagle House. I started at Creston in Grade 00. I choose to have a positive outlook on life. I am hardworking and focus a lot of my time on my school work, which I have achieved in. I also enjoy interacting with people and take joy in being a positive and calming influence to the people around me.

    Rachel Jarvis
    Rachel Jarvis Head of Eagle House 2017
  • In 2009 I matriculated from Creston College, after which I moved to Cape Town to study Business Science at the University of Cape Town. I graduated from UCT in 2013 with a Business Science in Finance and Acounting. I am currently continuing my post-graduate studies in Accounting at UCT. The High quality education I received during my thirteen years at Creston College has enabled me to succeed at University furthermore, I developed a strong work ethic, learnt invaluable leadership skills and formed life-long friendhips thanks to Creston.

    Kirti Harcharan
    Kirti Harcharan Head Girl and received Dux award
  • My name is Sphesihle Mbili. I have been at Creston College for two years. I am the Deputy Head Boy of 2017, a Prefect and I am the President of Eaglecrest Interact Club. Creston has helped me learn more about myself and to identify what my strengths are. I am good at interacting with people, helping others in need and also pushing myself to the limit. What I love about our school are the opportunities that each individual gets, whether it is in sport, culture, or academics as well as the help we get from both teachers and pupils.

    Sphesihle Mbili
    Sphesihle Mbili Deputy Head Boy of 2017

Old Crestonians

Creston College Sport

Creston College believes that sport is an integral part of the development process of each and every individual. Sport is compulsory, as we encourage maximum participation of all pupils by offering as wide a variety of sporting codes as possible. At Creston we promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Most popular sports are offered during their respective seasons such as:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey for boys and girls
  • Cricket
  • Soccer for boys and girls
  • Netball
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Eco Challenge
  • Athletics
  • Mountain Biking

The South Coast weather allows pupils to participate in swimming for more than six months of the year in our well-appointed eight-lane swimming pool. Outstanding coaching ensures that Creston swimmers excel in local, Regional and National galas.

Athletics is offered during the cooler months of the third term and this includes disciplines such as sprinting, middle distance and cross country running, along with field events such as javelin, discus, shot-put, high jump and long jump.

We believe in promoting and instilling team spirit and pride in all of our team sports, which has allowed our teams to excel in our local leagues as well as Regional, National and International tournaments.

It is important to note that all pupils who attend practices regularly, are given the opportunity to play matches in a team, regardless of their ability, thus enabling each individual to benefit from the social and emotional development of being part of a team.

Creston is very open to the fact that children may excel in sports not offered at school and we have produced a number of elite motor-x riders as well as learners who have excelled in sports such as karate, badminton and Polo Crosse at a National and International level.


Creston College Culture

Creston College has a dynamic and thriving Arts and Culture department.  Not only are all our teachers qualified in their field of art and culture, they are also performing artists themselves.  Through this, they teach our pupils content and practical, as well as prepare them to be performing and visual artists in their own right.

Examples of such activities include:

  • Podium
  • Speech and Drama
  • Art
  • Stage Productions
  • Choirs
  • Music
  • Marimba Bands

Culture plays a significant role in the life of our school and it is here that the “Harmony”, as stated in our mission statement, truly comes into play.  This harmony is felt between pupils when performing on stage, singing together as a choir and performing together as a band.  The beautiful colours and lines that flow from the tools of our artist into flowing movements of dances choreographed by the pupils themselves.  There is even harmonious movement between academics and culture, as we have often found that children’s academic work can in fact improve if their cultural talents are acknowledged and developed.

Our pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of local and national cultural events including competitions and eisteddfods.  Creston even has the privilege of hosting the annual Hibiscus Coast Music Eisteddfod.

Our College Phase pupils write their own scripts and design their own programmes, lighting and sets.  Input by pupils, especially in the choice of music and choreography, is encouraged as this not only develops the pupils’ skills but ensures that our productions have a modern and funky edge.


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