Creston College has a dynamic and thriving Arts and Culture department.  Not only are all our teachers qualified in their field of art and culture, they are also performing artists themselves.  Through this they teach our pupils content, practical as well as prepare them, to be performing and visual artists in their own right.

Examples of such activities include:

  • Podium
  • Speech and Drama
  • Art
  • Stage Productions
  • Choirs
  • Music
  • Marimba Bands

Culture plays a significant role in the life of our school and it is here that the “Harmony”, as stated in our mission statement, truly comes into play.  This harmony is felt between pupils when performing on stage, singing together as a choir and performing together as a band.  There is harmonious movement between academics and culture, as we have often found that children’s academic work can in fact improve if their cultural talents are acknowledged and developed.

Our pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of local and national cultural events including competitions and eisteddfods.  Creston even has the privilege of hosting the annual Hibiscus Coast Music Eisteddfod.

Our College Phase pupils write their own scripts and design their own programmes, lighting and sets.  Input by pupils, especially in the choice of music and choreography, is encouraged as this not only develops the pupils’ skills but ensures that our productions have a modern and funky edge.

Creston College aims to teach time-management to meet deadlines and to help develop a work ethic, persistence, responsibility, positive attitudes and teamwork.

Art and culture teaches pupils interactive skills, using multiple forms of communication and expression and accessing the creative process to develop self-esteem and respect for others.

The educators at Creston provide opportunities for the development of the individual in a non-critical situation, where children can flourish.  The cultural side, like academics and sport, is uniquely meaningful and it aims to develop each individual personality.

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