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Creston College Art and Design Department strives to create a safe space for pupils to explore their creativity through skills development and conceptual and critical thinking.

In Creative Arts, Grade 4 – 7 pupils take modules of Music and Art. In Grade 8 and 9 the subject is divided into modules of Drama and Art. Pupils investigate drawing, and two and three-dimensional art making. Projects are scaffolded in complexity, with very specific tasks in the GED sector towards complete creative freedom in Grade 12.

The Art and Design studio is well-equipped with equipment and tools which allow pupils to discover printmaking, carpentry, sewing, painting, drawing and various multi-media art forms.

Pupils in Design create final works in the fields of Architecture, Interior, Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Textile and Surface Design, Furniture and Product Design, Jewellery Design, Communication Design and Illustration.


Pupils in Visual Arts create works in various modes including interpretation of drawings, paintings, mixed-media work, sculptures, photography and installations.

Art and Design pupils are encouraged to create work which is formed by their personal experiences and interests and relevant to current issues in the local South African and greater global context.

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