Hibiscus Music Eisteddfod 2018

Date:                   20th  – 24th August 2018

Entry forms to:  Creston College School Hall

Kwena Ramahuta / Tshepo Oliphant

Private Bag X1003

St. Michaels-on-Sea


Fax:                      039 6855993

E-mail:                 culture@crestoncollege.co.za /

Closing Date       3rd August 2018


  1. Before entering please read the General Rules as well as the Special Rules for each section.
  2. The Organising Committee may amend these rules at any time if circumstances require.
  3. Breaking these rules may lead to disqualification.
  4. All individuals, institutions/schools and studios who wish to register, can register manually or online, by filling in the online form on the Creston College website: crestoncollege.co.za alternatively the forms can be emailed, hand delivered or fax to Creston College (details on the top of this page).
  5. Application to participate will only be considered if the prescribed form is fully completed. Late and incomplete forms will not be considered.
  6. Handwriting on forms must be legible (PRINT). Names and surnames must be spelt correctly to ensure the correct spelling on the certificates.
  7. Entry fees as stipulated at each section.
  8. The closing date for entries is 3rd August 2018 at 16:00.
  9. Money must be deposited into the Creston College account ref: Eisteddfod: then name of the participant/school/studio and/or pay at the Finance Office at Creston College ONLY, under no circumstances should any money be paid to the Programme Manager or any of the organising committee members.
  10. Entries are not transferable. Any candidate transgressing this rule will NOT receive a report or a certificate.
  11. Candidates are not allowed to move from one item to the other after the program has been finalised. Such candidates will not receive a report or a certificate.
  12. All the names of participants in ensemble groups (as determined at each section) must be provided. If names are not provided only one (1) certificate will be issued for the group. Please supply a name for the group.
  13. The exact dates and times of participation should reach you at least 10 days prior to the start of the section. It is your Responsibility to enquire from the convenor should you not have received information by that date.
  14. A candidate and accompanist must be available at least 15 minutes before the time of participation.
  15. Time limits must be STRICTLY observed.
  16. Withdrawals must be reported 48 hours before the scheduled time to the convenor.
  17. Any participant at the Hibiscus Eisteddfod could be invited to perform at the Prize Winners Gala Evening.
  18. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ascertain his/her time of participation.
  19. The Adjudicator’s decision is final and no discussion or correspondence on the issue will be allowed.
  20. Candidates/family members/ teachers are not allowed to communicate with the Adjudicator IN ANY WAY before, during or Directly after adjudication.
  21. Problems must be discussed with the Convenor before the start of a session. No problems will be discussed at the table.
  22. An Adjudicator’s report will be handed to the participant directly after the session. Only a symbol is awarded.


90% to 100% Cum Laude A++
85% to 89% Gold: A+
80% to 84% Gold: A
75% to 79% Silver: B+
70% to 74% Silver: B
60% to 69% Bronze: C


  1. Certificates will be handed to the competitors as soon as possible after the session.
  2. According to stipulation at each section (with regard to the number of group members) each will receive a certificate. Additional certificates can be requested.
  3. Certificates are printed according to the information on the entry form. It is, therefore, imperative that teachers verify all the relevant information. If a certificate must be reprinted because of a mistake on the entry form, R10 will be charged.
  4. Candidates must hand a copy of own choice pieces to the convenor for use by the Adjudicator. This copy will be Destroyed/returned at the end of the Eisteddfod.
  5. The use of photo copies is a contravention of the Copyright Act. A published copy must therefore be available at all times at the venue where the work is performed.
  6. An Adjudicator may withhold an award if the standard of work is inadequate.
  7. Dress for performers is optional during adjudication. Preferably school uniform for schools, and neat presentable wear for private candidates.
  8. Preferably ELECTRONIC payments.
  9. Banking Details:

Bank: standard bank

A/c. name: Creston College

A/c.no.:  33 09 81161

Branch code: 057628

NB: Deposit slips to be faxed to 039 655993 or mailed to: Claudia Davey; finance@crestoncollege.co.za

  1. Entries will only be processed once proof of payment is received.
  2. Entry fees as stipulated at each section.
  3. Entry fees will not be refunded.
  4. Entry fees and entry forms to be sent to:


  1. The Adjudicator’s decision as to awarding an award is final.
  2. No award not specified in this syllabus will be awarded.
  3. An Adjudicator may withhold an award if the standard of work is inadequate.
  4. Awards will only be awarded according to merit.


  1. Most trophies are floating trophies and must be returned at the closing date of new entries.
  2. An administration fee of R150 will be charged for the late returning of a trophy.
  3. A trophy lost/damaged whilst in possession of a winner must be replaced at his/her expense to the value of the original trophy.
  4. When receiving a trophy each winner will be asked to sign a receipt and to give his home address, telephone number/s and e-mail address.
  5. The winner is responsible for the engraving of the trophy.



  • Any instrument (1 item to be presented)
  • R30 per entry

Class 1     Beginners

Class 2     Late Beginners (please indicate level of performance)

Class 3     Pre Grade 1

Class 4     Grade 1

Class 5     Grade 2

Class 6     Grade3

Class 7     Grade 4

Class 8     Grade 5

Class 9     Grade 6

Class 10 Grade 7

Class 11 Grade 8

Class 12 Licentiate

Class 13 Light Music


  • A maximum of 3 items; not to exceed 15 minutes
  • R35 per entry

Class 14 Beginners

Class 15 Late Beginners (please indicate level of performance)

Class 16 Pre Grade 1

Class 17 Grade 1

Class 18 Grade 2

Class 19 Grade 3

Class 20 Grade 4

Class 21 Grade 5

Class 22 Grade 6

Class 23 Grade 7

Class 24 Grade 8

Class 25 Licentiate

Class 26 Light music


  • Since graded duets are not always available, teachers are requested to estimate the grade level and enter accordingly.
  • Teachers may play the second part for Beginners and Pre Grade
  • All parts to be played by pupils for Grade 1 and higher.
  • R25 per entry


Class 27 Beginner
Class 28 Late Beginners (please indicate level of performance)
Class 29 Pre Grade 1


Class 30 Grade 1

Class 31 Grade 2

Class 32 Grade 3

Class 33 Grade 4

Class 34 Grade 5

Class 35 Grade 6

Class 36 Grade 7

Class 37 Licentiate

Class 38 Light Music


Class 39 Beginner

Class 40 Late Beginners (please indicate level of performance)

Class 41 Pre Grade 1

Class 42 Grade 1

Class 43 Grade 2

Class 44 Grade 3

Class 45 Grade 4

Class 46 Grade 5

Class 47 Grade 6

Class 48 Grade 7

Class 49 Licentiate

Class 50 Light Music


  • Maximum 3 items to be presented
  • R50 per entry

Class 51 Pre Primary Ensemble

Class 52 Junior Primary Ensemble

Class 53 Senior Primary Ensemble

Class 54 Junior High School Ensemble (Grade 7, 8 and 9) Class 55 Senior High School Ensemble (Grade 10, 11 and 12) Class 56 Open High School Ensemble (All Grades) Class 57 Open Ensemble


Candidates must provide their own accompanists.


  • 1 Item to be presented
  • R35 per entry

Class 58 8 yrs and under

Class 59 9 yrs

Class 60 10 yrs

Class 61 11 yrs

Class 62 12 and l3 yrs

Class 63 14 and l5 yrs

Class 64 16 and l7 yrs

Class 65 18 yrs and over (open)


  • A maximum of 3 items to be presented
  • Not to exceed 15 minutes
  • R35 per entry

Class 66 8 yrs and under

Class 67 9 yrs

Class 68 l0 yrs

Class 69 11 yrs

Class 70 12 and l3 yrs

Class 71 14 and l5 yrs

Class 72 16 and l7 yrs

Class 73 18 yrs and over (open)


  • 1 Item to be presented
  • Class entered according to oldest candidate
  • R40 per entry

Class 74 l0 yrs and under

Class 75 11 yrs

Class 76 13 yrs and under

Class 77 15 yrs and under

Class 78 17 yrs and under

Class 79 18 yrs and over (open)


  • 1 Item to be presented
  • R30 per entry

Class 80 l0 yrs and under

Class 81 12yrs and under

Class 82 13yrs

Class 83 15yrs and under

Class 84  17yrs and under

Class 85 18yrs and over (open)


  • Maximum 3 items to be presented
  • Maximum 10 voices
  • R50 per entry

Class 86 Pre-Primary Ensemble (Grade 000 – Grade R)

Class 87 Junior Primary Ensemble (Grade 1 – Grade 3)

Class 88 Senior Primary Ensemble (Grade 4 – Grade 7)

Class 89 High School Ensemble (Grade 8-12)

Class 90 Open Ensemble


  • Maximum 3 items to be presented
  • Minimum 11 voices
  • R50 per entry

Class 91 Pre-Primary Choir (Grade 000 – Grade R)

Class 92 Junior Primary Choir (Grade 1 – Grade 3)

Class 93 Senior Primary Choir (Grade 4 – 7)

Class 94 High School Choir (Grade 8-12)

Class 95 Open Choir


Class 96 any novelty item (allocated time dependant on the number of entries in this class).


Class 97 – Senior Primary

Class 98 – GET

Class 99 – FET

Folklore participation rules

Entry Fee: R50 per entry

The folklore/indigenous music item comprises of native, aboriginal, indigenous or home grown myth, legends or traditions including action songs. The performances of a folklore item may include Traditional plays, and/or customs which must be performed wearing customary clothing or regalia relevant to such tradition or custom or cultures. Choreography or scenic play is allowed. An accompaniment by traditional folk instrument is allowed, but recorded playback is strictly prohibited.

Groups in the Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase are encouraged to perform an item not exceeding a maximum of five (5) minutes performance time.

Groups in the GET and FET band are encouraged to compose and perform their own jingle relevant to any issue such as HIV/AIDS, respect, drug abuse, pride, human rights, xenophobia etc. that must not exceed one (1) minute performance time. This jingle will be combined with the performance of a folklore item that will not exceed five (5) minutes performance time. The total time will not exceed six (6) minutes performance time. The two pieces will be adjudicated separately with an average of 100%


Class 100 – l0 yrs and under
Class 101 – 11 yrs
Class 102    –      13 yrs and under
Class 103 – 15 yrs and under
Class 104 – 17 yrs and under
Class 105 – 18 yrs and over (Open)


  • Maximum 3 items to be presented
  • R30 per entry


Clown work

Mime work


Movement/physical theatre

Musical theatre

Stand-up Comedy

Choral verse


Class 106 – l0 yrs and under
Class 107 – 11 yrs
Class 108 – 13 yrs and under
Class 109 – 15 yrs and under
Class 110 – 17 yrs and under
Class 111 – 18 yrs and over (Open)



Entry fee R30 per entry

  • Street dance {Hip hop, Pantsula etc.}
  • Contemporary
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom {Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot etc.}
  • Latin
  • Line dancing
  • Traditional / modern

Art and Design Eisteddfod 2018 (NEW)

We are happy to announce the first Art and Design Eisteddfod at Creston College.

Submission must take place before or on the closing date 3rd August 2018

The work will be exhibited at Creston College Hall from the 20th to the 24th August 2018

Please feel free to contact Mr T. Oliphant or Ms Vivier at culture@crestoncollege.co.za and vivier@crestoncollege.co.za or telephonically should you have any queries

Fee per entry is R25. This cannot be refunded. Fees can be paid at delivery (Creston Finance office) or via EFT.

All work must be mounted in black cardboard and presented with the given tag stuck on the front bottom right hand corner.

The judge’s decision will be announced at the final exhibition on the 24th of August 2018 at the Art Prize Giving. The Judge’s decision is final.

The following criteria will be considered during judging:

  • Technical skill in chosen media
  • Concept and creative interpretation.
  • Aesthetic appeal

Categories for submission

Pupil A B C D E
1 Grade 1 Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art
and 2 mixed media 2 mixed media 3-
dimensional work dimensional work
2 Grade 3 Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art
and 4 mixed media 2 mixed media 3-
dimensional work dimensional work
3 Grade 5 Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art
and 6 mixed media 2 mixed media 3-
dimensional work dimensional work
4 Grade Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art
7,8,9 mixed media 2 mixed media 3-
dimensional work dimensional work
5 Grade Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art Design
10,11, mixed media 2 mixed media 3-
dimensional work dimensional work
6 Grade 12 Drawing Painting and Sculpture and Ceramic art Design
Mixed media 2- dimensional work Mixed media 3- dimensional work


 Hibiscus Eisteddfod 2018

Closing date for entries: 3rd August 2018

Please attach this label to the back of your art.

Pupil name and surname
Contact number


Specific guidelines and category definitions:

  1. Drawing is defined as mark making on a surface utilising a combination of lines and tonal values. Traditional media such as graphite, charcoal, pastel and ink will be accepted.
  2. Painting and mixed media Two-dimensional work includes printmaking techniques.
  3. Sculpture and mixed media 3-dimensional work will be accepted including modes such as installation art. Work which is site specific cannot be accepted. The three-dimensional objects must be delivered to the venue and set up in the allocated space.
  4. Ceramic work must be fired and not made from paper clay or similar.

1.Design includes but is not limited to Communication Design such as full Corporate Identities, Type font design and desk top publishing and Product design such as Furniture, Jewellery, Surface design and Fashion.


Aspects to consider with entries

By submitting an entry for an event in the annual activities, the participant agrees to the Rules and Regulations and accepts the decision management makes about all matters regarding this event as final.


The eisteddfod is open to everyone, on the following conditions:

There are no limits to the number of entries a participant may partake in.

Participants should adhere to copyright where applicable.

The participants may not receive assistance in the completion of the art works.

All two-dimensional work must be mounted in black. Cardboard and sugar paper is fine. No glass or professional frames will be accepted. Canvas, hardboard do not have to be framed.

Creston College is indemnified against any loss, theft or injury sustained during the festivals.

Participants agree to adhere to the Rules and Regulations in this section, as well as the specific guidelines provided.

Each participant will be adjudicated on his/her performance, and not according to what is assumed that other learners of his/her age can do. The application of this principal is non-negotiable.


KINDLY NOTE: It is the participant’s responsibility to use the correct form, to ensure that he is entered for the correct item and that the information submitted on the entry form is correct, including the spelling of names. The category and item number needs to be filled in accurately. Refer to Other Fees and Charges for cost implications of incorrect entries.

Entries may be submitted via mail and by delivery to: vivier@crestoncollege.co.za

Creston College

Address: Hillside Cres, Oslo Beach, 4240 Phone: 039 685 5562 (ext.:  257 Creston Arts and Culture Office)

Hibiscus Music Eisteddfod 2018

Closing date for entries: 3rd August 2018


I am aware of the fact that NO changes of the performance date will be allowed once the schedule has been finalized and that entry fees are not refundable. I accept the Rules and Regulations of the Hibiscus Eisteddfod as outlined in the Prospectus for this event. I accept the decision of the Hibiscus Eisteddfod management about all matters regarding this event. I accept that the Hibiscus Eisteddfod and its host venues are not responsible for any loss, theft of injury sustained during this festival. Return all the form and proof of payment to:






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