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College Phase

This vibrant phase consists of pupils from Grade 8 to 12 and aims to develop essential life skills, a good understanding of self, an appreciation of particular personal skills, and a willingness and ability to reach their full potential in the areas of responsibility, participation, leadership and academics. At Creston College, near Port Shepstone on the Hibiscus Coast, we strive to develop the whole child, not just an academically competent one, in a happy and nurturing environment with dedicated, qualified teachers.

Academic Standards

At Creston College regular benchmarking tests are written to ensure that the highest academic standards are being maintained. Pupils are exposed to various Olympiads, the IEB Subject Specific Tests in Mathematics and English and International Benchmarking Tests (IBT), which are administered by the IEB in partnership with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), in English, Mathematics and Science.

General Education and Training Phase

In Grades 8 and 9, pupils are exposed to a broad academic curriculum, thereby offering them the foundation necessary to allow them to make an educated choice when selecting their subjects for Grade 10.

Further Education and Training Phase

From Grade 10, pupils begin the Further Education and Training course in their selected subjects. Provided they have the appropriate subjects at the required level, this qualification will give access to Tertiary Education Institutions such as Universities and Colleges.

Subject Choices

Grade 8 & 9 Subjects

In Grade 8 and 9 pupils are exposed to a broad academic curriculum thereby offering them the foundation necessary to allow them to make an educated choice when selecting their subjects for Grade 10.



Social Sciences

History & Geography

Natural Sciences

Economic & Management Sciences


Life Orientation

Arts & Culture

Grade 10 to 12 Subject Choices

At Creston, the FET course is conducted under the auspices of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB).

A wide subject choice is offered to pupils in Grade 10, 11 and 12. English (Home Language) and Life Orientation are compulsory for all pupils. Pupils may then choose between Afrikaans or IsiZulu (First Additional Languages), Maths Core or Mathematical Literacy. A further three subjects must be selected from the following combinations:


  • *   According to the Physical Sciences and EGD policy, learners must show a certain degree of competency in specific skills in each of these subjects, as determined by the subject teacher, in order for learners to choose any of these 3 subjects.  To determine competency levels Gateway Examinations were written by learners interested in taking.

Any of these 3 subjects.

  • If a pupil chooses Sport & Exercise Science as a subject, either Physical Sciences or Life Sciences MUST BE taken.
  • If Accounting is chosen, Maths Core MUST BE taken.

Criteria in choosing subject packages: All learners MUST take:

  • English from row 1
  • ONE language from row 2
  • ONE subject from row 3
  • Life Orientation from row 4
  • One subject from EACH of the remaining rows



Arts and Culture:                                                                    Design, Dramatic Arts and Visual Arts

Human and Social Sciences:                                                History, Geography and Life Orientation

Physical, Mathematical and Life Sciences:                       Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Maths Core and Maths Lit,

Sport & Exercise Science

Business, Commerce and Managements Studies:           Accounting and Business Studies

Services:                                                                                   Consumer Studies

Engineering and Technology:                                              Engineering, Graphics and Design (EGD)

NB:  If there are less than 8 learners who want to choose a subject, the school has the prerogative whether to offer the subject or not.


Enrichment of the Curriculum

A weekly activity period, built into the timetable, provides the opportunity to expose pupils to leadership training and mentoring provided by speakers such as Rev. Trevor Downham from the Norwegian Settlers Church, a variety of cultural and social activities like choir and marimba band and fun activities like the annual Pancake Picnic.

Regular tours and excursions in a number of different subjects are undertaken to broaden the pupils’ experience beyond the classroom. Annual excursions to venues like uShaka Marine World, the Holocaust Museum and Oribi Gorge are extremely popular with the pupils and provide invaluable opportunities to inculcate academic content.

Interpersonal, leadership and mentoring skills are considered to be of paramount importance to prepare Creston College pupils to fulfil their roles as citizens and leaders of this great country. The Mentoring Evenings encourage interaction and bonding between pupils from the various grades.

College Phase Extra-Curricular Programme

College Phase pupils are expected to become actively involved in all aspects of Creston’s life and are offered the opportunity to participate in swimming, hockey (Boys & Girls), cricket, rugby, netball, soccer (Boys & Girls), golf, marimba band, mountain biking, choir, dramatic productions, Enviro Club, Interact and the Students’ Christian Association (SCA).

Cultural Activities

Creston College has become synonymous with the high standard of productions and musicals staged. The annual College Phase production is scheduled for the first term and offers pupils the opportunity to become involved, either on stage or behind the scenes with backstage, costumes or lighting.

The College Phase marimba bands, having received their grounding in the Senior Primary Phase, are accomplished musicians and frequently perform at community functions and events on the South Coast.

Community Outreach

The Eaglecrest Interact Club, in conjunction with South Coast Rotary, is actively involved in projects aimed at contributing towards the underprivileged community in our area. The Easter Egg Drive, Seed Drive, SPCA Pet Food Drive, Hospice collection are but a few of the projects that the Creston family are involved in.

National Benchmarking Tests (NBT)

Creston College is registered as an official National Benchmarking Test Venue – the only one on the lower South Coast. Students who wish to obtain entry into the various Universities and Colleges are required to have written these tests in Mathematics and English.

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