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Senior Primary

Creston College Senior Primary Phase is based on the hill overlooking the Junior Primary and Administration block.  The classrooms look out over the Indian Ocean giving us amazing sightings of dolphins, whales and the annual sardine run, with many indigenous trees and plants framing the view.  Birds, small buck and many reptiles visit the trees and plants during the day giving our School an environmentally-friendly atmosphere.

We have the Amphitheatre in our Phase, where many assemblies, meetings, skits, orals and different Phase productions are held. The Music room not only houses the Marimbas but also welcomes all the learners from the Junior and Senior Primary for Music.  Choir and Marimba bands hold their practices there too, ensuring that the campus is filled with the beautiful sounds of music.

In the classroom, technology plays an important part of the learning process with the use of projectors and interactive smart boards.  Ipads are used to incorporate new concepts or create books, movies or projects.

The Senior Primary is very proud of its library with its diverse number of books, where learners can do research and change their books on a weekly basis.  The library is continually obtaining new books, expanding on the different genres so that learners are exposed to a variety of books and to ensure that learners read as much as possible.

The Senior Primary is home to Grade 4-7 with each grade consisting of two classes each.  All the subjects are taught, as well as, isiZulu as a First Additional Language along with Afrikaans

The learners are exposed to teaching and learning with the diverse range of teaching styles and our beautiful environment.  Teachers are continually adapting and changing their teaching styles due to the varied learning styles of all the learners, ensuring that they can each reach their own potential.

Every grade goes on an excursion or camp, away from the school for at least one night, where they develop leadership skills and learn to work with each other in teams, teaching them valuable life skills and having lots of fun.

We offer a variety of sport to all the learners of the Senior Primary, ensuring that all their natural abilities are brought to the fore.  Swimming, cricket, rugby, hockey, athletics, mountain-biking, soccer and netball are just a few of the sports available as well as chess, choir, marimba band debating, photography, computers and drama.  We also encourage their own private commitments like karate, judo, horse-riding, polo-crosse, ballet and other forms of dance.

Every three years we put on a production which involves all of the Senior Primary learners. This builds confidence and self-esteem as well as new friendships.  Some of the Productions have been: Madagafrica and The Good, the Bad and the Ogre.

We have special Sports Days which include galas, athletics, fun Olympics and tournaments.

With all of the above, and extra lessons in the various subjects if needed, we ensure that each and every learner obtains a holistic education, bringing out the best in each of them and guaranteeing a confident and dependent individual.

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